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At Integrated Technology, we know what’s required to keep your business running reliably.

More importantly, we also know what NOT to buy.  While low prices may seem appealing at the time of purchase, there are a lot of low-cost products available today that will actually increase the cost of your operation.

We will support you, not matter what equipment you choose to use.  However, you can always count on us to recommend what will provide the best value.

Telephone Systems

Your business has many different avenues of communication; PBX telephone system, cellular phones, email, text messaging and your web site. Tying these all together in a single, easy to manage system gives you the option of being more productive as you become more mobile.

Traditional PBX systems would be installed and forgotten until you needed a new extension, added an employee or if the system failed. When any of those things happened you needed to call your “telephone guy”. For the most part your telephone system was beyond your control and it didn’t adjust well to your ever changing business needs. 

In fact, you often had to adjust your business based on your telephone system, instead of adjusting your telephone system based on your business. There are many reasons why you did this:

  • Large upfront cost to install the telephone system
  • Cost of service calls for adjustments
  • Analog lines are reliable
  • The telephone system was installed before the new technology was available

With today’s technology we can provide you with a telephone system that meets your needs today and can be easily modified as your business changes. The digital PBX system that we offer is from 3CX. This system is cost effective, easy to maintain and can provide you with any function that you can possibly imagine. This system will let you run your business the way you want.

The best of part this system is that it can use analog lines (supplied by traditional telephone companies), digital lines (VOIP) or a combination of the two.

Endpoint Protection

Computer and network security has evolved over the years as the attacks have become more sophisticated. Initially, you installed antivirus software on your server and computers to catch the little demons after they arrived. This works well for easy to remove problems but your data is far too important to be exposed and the attacks often aren’t detected until it’s too late.

A proactive solution is one that it will catch them before they get to your server and computers – why not block them from your network entirely. There are many appliances out there that can provide you with this functionality. These solutions are often expensive to install, and to maintain Some even require special courses in order to be certified to deploy them.

We can provide you with a solution called Untangle. This solution is cost effective (you only pay for what you need), easy to maintain, is automatically updated constantly and provides you with detailed reporting so that you know exactly what is happening on your network.

Why not test it for free and then determine if it meets your needs?

Network Security

Today’s online environment has become even more risky with the latest malware threats. We have the ability to apply various measures to your network to improve your security. As the malware creators become more devious, we can make the required adjustments. A well-chosen security product is the first and most important step to making your network more secure – let us take the next steps for you as well.

Backups – On-Site and Off

Our backup solutions are designed for the unique needs of your business. We offer a number of software and service options, providing varying levels of protection suitable for most budgets. We strongly recommend a hybrid approach to backup, combining a backup stored in your office with a cloud storage component. This allows quick recovery as well as protection in the event of a disaster in the office

Remote Monitoring and Management

Our automated remote management services allow us to more closely manage your network without increasing onsite service calls. Our products allow us to join a user’s desktop to provide quick and easy support. We can monitor critical system performance parameters and receive emailed warnings of events that jeopardize the productivity of your staff. We can also manage Microsoft updates, easily blocking updates that are found to cause problems. If an adjustment is found to be necessary to improve the function of your network systems, it can be applied once for your entire network. Saves time, saves money.

About Us

Doug Bailey

Doug Bailey is a problem-solver, visionary and entrepreneur who enjoyed an impressive career in I.T. and business operations before launching his own company in 2001. Since then, Thames Valley Solutions Inc. has been providing high quality I.T. management services and computer support to firms in South-western Ontario. As a full-service I.T. partner for small to mid-size businesses, Doug and his team at Thames Valley Solutions help clients by setting up customized systems if needed and assisting with any ongoing I.T. concerns or opportunities.

Doug began his career as a computer programmer with NCR Canada Limited before joining Cableshare Limited and later Rogers Cablesystems Limited. At Cableshare, Doug worked as a senior programmer, a project leader for software development, and the supervisor of accounting and billing systems. At Rogers, he managed the I.T. department for the engineering division. At Dynacare, a large medical laboratory, he was integral in designing and implementing privacy protocols, bar coding systems for samples, EDI and disaster recovery programs.

Doug holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Western Ontario where he majored in Computer Science. Doug lives in Dorchester, Ontario and is currently active with the London Business Networking group. Over the years he coached hockey and baseball in Kitchener, London and Dorchester.

Rob Pelletier

Almost 20 years in the networking field, much of it in a corporate setting, has given Rob Pelletier the experience and know-how to handle the types of I.T. issues that businesses of all sizes face.  Whether it’s business network implementation, maintenance and security, or system sales, Rob will be with you to guide you through the entire process.  His vast knowledge gives Rob the unique ability to educate his customers on how to better use their technology, whether it’s the business owner who wants to be more hands off, or the department head who wants to get down to the nitty gritty of their I.T. infrastructure.</p>

Rob has a 3 year diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology and the Microsoft MCSE certification.  He started Marathon I.T, in 2004 when he realized personalized service for a company’s I.T. needs was lacking in the industry

Rob is a member of the London Chamber of Commerce, the London Business Boosters networking group, and a board member of the London District Transportation Club.  An avid sports fan, Rob is an enthusiastic supporter of the London Knights and Toronto Blue Jays.  When he’s not working with his clients, Rob enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and granddaughter.

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